As the country starts to open again we are all slowly – and carefully – returning to discover what exactly this ‘new normal’ will look like. What has been the effect of Covid-19 on the charity sector? What trends have emerged? How has public opinion changed? Where once the advice was to Stay Home, the key going forward will be to Stay Informed. To aid your journey, we thought we’d share the best research, roadmaps, analysis and insights from across the sector and the wider media.

Research and Insights

As the sector and the world comes to terms with living with Covid-19, we’ve gathered up the latest wave of research relevant to charities and the not-for-profit sector.

Counting the Costs

The Charities Regulator has shared the results of its survey on the impact of Covid-19 on Irish charities.

Lessons Learned, Habits Formed

Our media partners Havas published this in-depth report on changing media habits of Irish consumers in recent weeks.

My, how we’ve changed

Genesis have published their Now > Next report with lots of data on public habits, attitudes and implications of the recent crisis.

A healthy perspective

You can find detailed public opinion tracking research from Amarach for the Department of Health which looks at Behavioural Change, Emotional Well Being, Risk Perceptions, Policy Preferences and thoughts on Information and Communication.

Tomorrow is another day

Opinium look at the future of the charity sector in their report on how UK charities adapt to the impact of Covid-19.

Charity begins at home – everywhere 

Salesforce have released a report on trends in the NFP sector from across the globe.

Has everything changed?

According to McKinsey in their recent report A Transformative Moment for Philanthropy, the charity sector has demonstrated that it can and will pivot quickly in a crisis, and leaders must expand on this work.

The New-Normal Times 

There has been a large volume of media coverage on the sector in recent weeks and months, as we all settle into the ‘new normal’. We track these stories on a weekly basis and we thought we would share with you a number of  the recent ones. They range from inspiring stories of individuals in the community taking on fundraising challenges, to beneficiary stories, to charities calling on the new Government not to forget them as the country begins to open up again.

We’re here to help

If we can help you navigate your way through this crisis with fundraising, communications or marketing advice and expertise, our team is ready and well initiated in Covid-related campaigns. Or if you’re gearing up for post-Covid communications, we’re here. Chat with John on 087 266 3168 or email him on