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Last week we were delighted to publish Ireland’s first ever research into charity advertising.

Over the past two years, we and Havas Media have forged a partnership designed to develop a high-quality advertising service looking to add real value and insight to help you maximise the impact of your campaigns.

A dedicated team from both agencies has worked together on devising innovative successful strategies for both big and small campaigns in a marketplace dominated by large commercial advertisers.

Here’s a link to the report and to a presentation on it that we delivered at the Cii Heads of Fundraising Huddle.

We hope that this initial piece of research will generate enthusiasm for a more comprehensive survey in 2022, and with that in mind, we are very keen to hear from anyone who might be interested in supporting it.

Here’s some questions we are asking the research participants and other interested parties to send send us their thoughts on:

  • What charity advertising information would you like to get that would be helpful in your work next year? Would an update on the 2021 report/presentation with similar information suffice? If not, what other advertising information would be helpful and why?
  • Would you be open to participating in supplying some advertising information from you organisation, e.g. actual ad spends on various projects?
  • Apart from research is there anything else that would be helpful with your advertising work? One idea suggested was some training on digital campaigning, would that be helpful?

It would be great if you could take a few minutes and email your answers directly to John Sutton: by COB Friday 10th December.