Persuasion Republic and Havas Media’s step-by-step guide to improving your digital fundraising

Two FREE 60-minute online workshops

Thursday 8th September at 12:00 pm &
Thursday 15th September 2022 at 12:00 pm


The Fundraiser’s Guide to Digital

Digital is no longer an optional extra to any fundraising programme or campaign. It is now central to everything you and your organisation do.

Digital has now become the primary way many of your supporters communicate and engage with you.

With guidelines and functionality constantly changing the sheer volume, complexity and speed of the digital landscape can at times seem overwhelming.

But the key to everything digital actually lies in its simplicity.

The Fundraiser’s Guide to Digital is designed to demystify the whole of digital and help you identify the simple practical steps that you can take to improve your digital engagement.

Over the course of two workshops, we will take you on a tour of the digital landscape, updating you on the latest developments, identifying the simple way that each element works, explaining what each channel is capable of and how it can all benefit your organisation best.

The Fundraiser’s Guide to Digital, is designed to give you the insight and tools you need to build a step-by-step road map to improve your digital and, ultimately, raise more funds for the vital work that you do

The Fundraiser’s Guide to Digital

The Workshops

Over the course of the two 60-minute sessions you will discover how to:

·      Improve your website

·      Plan multi channel campaigns

·      Communicate more effectively across your channels

·      Increase recruitment, conversion and retention

·      Use testing effectively

·      Create better more effective content.

And ultimately raise more funds for the vital work you do.


Two 60 minute on-line workshops.

Session 1

Digital Fundraising Strategy 1

Telling your story in a digital world

Paid Search

Making sure you are heard

Social Media

Fully utilising the tools at your fingertips.

Session 2

Online Display / Video

How to use the most effective tools in the most effective way.

Owned Media/SEO

How to expand the power of your digital.

Digital Fundraising Strategy 2

Building your road map to success




2022 is a very special year for us.  Because, this year, we’re celebrating our 10th birthday.  And what a 10 years it has been.  

So, we’re going to spend a little time over the next month or two to look back on our first ten years and celebrate some of the extraordinary organisations, incredible people and wonderful causes we have had the privilege of working with.

We’re also going to take a moment to look forward to the next 10 years and chat about some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

But, right now, we simply want to say…

Thank you

Thank you to all the wonderful charities and organisations we’ve had the privilege of working with.

Thank you to every single member of every single team. 

Thank you for your patience and your trust.

Thank you for your inspiration and your guidance.

Thank you, most of all, for the vital work you do.

And a special word of thanks to all who have worked here over those 10 years. You know who you are.

Thank you for your hard work, creativity, passion and belief.  

Here’s to you all … and to the next 10 years.