We want you.
…And you.
…And you.

Persuasion Republic is hiring for three key positions.

Account Manager
Account Executive
Account Intern

Due to the growth of our client base and recent successes, we are now recruiting for three special and enthusiastic people who want to supercharge their careers and make their mark in the world. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for committed, talented – and yes, nice – people to join an accomplished team and agency with impressive credentials and track record and an impressive client base. It’s a chance for you to work with Ireland’s leading charities and NGOs – and play a part in making Ireland a better place.

We help our clients to recruit thousands of supporters and raise significant sums of money; gain political and government support for their advocacy causes; help educate and inform the public about their causes and services; and help them build effective brands that fully explain the vital impact of their work.

View and download job descriptions and further information in PDF format below.


The closing date for applications is 5.00pm, June 25, 2021.

Further information on the agency, the team and examples of some of our clients, our causes and our work can be viewed on this website.