What an extraordinary week that was

Nearly all of us are now successfully working from home and things are already shaping up for what will be a really challenging period. For every organisation (including us), their strategic planning window is coming in 3-month phases and it is certainly the shortest timeframe we have ever seen in our 30 years of working in the Not-For-Profit Sector. In fact, for some people and organisations, they are having to look at just 30 days.

But it’s terrific to see the sector, like so many sections of society, upping their activity and staying focussed on those in need – your beneficiaries. Never has fundraising and advocacy been so important to keep services and supports working.  And never has the Irish public been so united in kindness and solidarity.

And, luckily for your fundraisers and advocates, never has the public been so gathered in one very reachable setting – home.

We speak to a lot of clients and stakeholders every week and in the past 7 days we were told about events and appeals being rescheduled, services having to adapt, refocus and in some cases close and many of you have started to develop Covid-focussed fundraising and advocacy appeals. Over the next 3-4 weeks, we will see a lot of frontline domestic and overseas aid organisations fundraising because of the devastating impact of Covid 19 on their beneficiaries.

The good news

On another positive note, as well as seeing organisations like yours being so active, it’s great to see the umbrella organisations such as The Wheel and CII advocating a strong voice to government to support the sector in a meaningful way. It is also inspiring to see the solidarity and advice-sharing amongst colleagues in the sector and with that in mind, we are keeping our eyes and ears open for the best advice possible to pass along. Here’s this week’s highlights:

The post will always be delivered

It is also heartening to see that our postal service is continuing as per normal. An Post are even launching this wonderful initiative to connect the nation with positive messages of support and to reinforce the key message that ‘the post will continue’. As it has done in Italy despite the incredible challenges they currently face.

Updates from Italy

Speaking of Italy, some of you will know that this agency has strong links to Italy and we are in constant contact with family and friends there, especially in Lombardy, the region most devastated by the virus. The one constant piece of advice we are being told is to take absolutely no risks – self-isolate, full stop. No ifs or buts. The virus is incredibly contagious and knows no boundaries of age or health status. So be really careful and be safe.

You should all be so proud that, like our frontline healthcare workers, you too are keeping the flag of action flying for people in greater need than ever. Thank you.

From John, Susan, Charlie and Alan and all the team at Persuasion Republic.


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