Pat Montague is the founder and Managing Director of Montague Communications and he has recently joined up with Persuasion Republic as its Special Associate on Media and Public Affairs. Over recent years Pat has led out on the development of strategies for over 25 national organisations and groups, including many of the country’s trade unions, the Irish Traveller Movement, Atlantic Philanthropies and TASC. In addition to the development of communications strategies, Pat Montague specialises in areas like public affairs and lobbying, political analysis, communications and advocacy training, crisis communications and media relations. Pat has a first-class honours MA in Political Communication from Dublin City University, where he also taught on a number of courses including Political Communication in Ireland and Political Communication and the Electoral Process. During his Masters, and since then, Pat has conducted extensive research into campaigns that are directed towards influencing policy and the public. In this context, Pat’s work has been published in the academic press and the general media. He is a regular speaker on this area at academic and professional conferences, as well as in the media, both newspapers and broadcast. Community activism is a key part of Pat’s life and he was Board Chairperson of the Integration Centre – an organisation promoting the integration of migrants into Irish society – for a five year period. As Chair, he led the process of creating the organisation which emanated from the merger of Integrating Ireland and the Refugee Information Centre.