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Hi Everyone. We hope you’re all coping, adapting, connecting and most of all – staying well.

Thanks for all your messages and reactions to our recent EDMs. And it’s really uplifting to see so many smart charities reacting quickly, being lithe, being strategic, and getting their appeals out. And most of all, being more connected to their donors than ever. It shows once again, what a bright, developed and responsive sector we are.

Continuing our series on sources of helpful advice to fortify ourselves as we navigate this unchartered storm, here is our next instalment.

Could this be fundraising’s finest hour?

SOFII has launched a new series: Fundraising in a time of crisis. Over the coming weeks they will share insightful new content, links to great assets and more to help you maximise your potential to do good in this trying time. Well worth monitoring.

5 Steps to Keep Your Fundraising Strong Through the Crisis.

Sean Triner presented with Moceanic a new webinar live on Facebook called COVID-19: 5 Steps to Keep Your Fundraising Strong Through the Crisis, to help you survive the crisis, how to avoid a fundraising catastrophe, key strategies for crisis and emergency campaigns – and how to recover lost events’ income. Moceanic have also put together a Cheatsheet for Navigating the Crisis.

Bluefrog’s Mark Philips in interview with Amber Nathan

The first feedback on a Bluefrog research study aimed at finding out what UK donors need from charities during the time of the Coronavirus crisis is out. It is still early days and they expect donor attitudes to further evolve over the coming weeks and will update us more.

Havas Media Guide to Navigating Covid

Our media partners and Adam Taylor and his team have produced a terrific guide to understanding the changing media landscape here in Ireland with their Guide to Navigating Covid

ZOOM to improve. Our tips for maximising Zoom 

What we have learned in generation Zoom. The world has now come to love and rely on video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Hangouts. But as some people may be recent arrivals to Planet Zoom, we’ve compiled the best  tips just for you. Find them here.

While video conferencing is a great and essential asset at this time, please do be careful. As reported in the Irish Times, there is, as with all online activity, a constant need for vigilance when it comes to your data and privacy.

That’s all from us for now. Stay safe and be kind. 
From John, Susan, Charlie and Alan and all the team at Persuasion Republic.


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