Our (socially-distanced) High Five Highlights

So, here’s the top 5 Inspirational COVID-combating antibodies we encountered this week.

1. Awake at the Wheel

First up is the extraordinary success in winning government support for a €40m Stability Fund – no mean feat. Congrats to The Wheel, Cii and all their sector partners who drove this campaign. You can get all the details here. The supportive government response to our sector seems to be in direct contrast with the situation in the UK where their charity support package has been described as, amongst other things, a farce, according to the Directory for Social Change.

2. An infectious response 

The evidence is in – there has been a great response to Covid 19 appeals – donors are now really engaged with supporting charities’ work on the impacts of the pandemic. Persuasion Republic’s client appeals currently in the field are performing extraordinarily well. Evidence of strong donor support is also coming from the latest survey from NfpSynergy in the UK which states “After a slow start, the majority of the public now agree that charities are responding well to the pandemic. Perhaps most encouragingly, the overwhelming majority (68%) believe that charities should keep fundraising. Donors are happy to continue hearing from charities and few think it would be inappropriate for them to continue asking for money at this stage.” 

3. Virtually always learning

As an agency, we all took time out to attend the IFC online fundraising event on April 29 and 30, which hosted almost 30 sessions covering a whole host of topics. The three stand-outs for us were Nick Burne – How to get people fundraising for you on Facebook, Adapting regular giving recruitment for the digital world with Kathryn Holloway and Alex Agiddis from Friends of the Earth UK, and Chris Steeves –  Embracing Data-Driven Fundraising. Well done to IFC for staging the event and we are already looking forward to the next one. You can check out all the sessions here.

4. Caption Marvel

Tom Ahern’s quick tutorial but very long title:  How To Write a Donor-Centered 3.0 Caption Using ideas learned from Identity-Based Fundraising Research. As always terrific practical advice from Tom.
And finally – 

5. The Magnificent Seven

A really strong and useful guide from Tom Woods  – ‘Power through the Pandemic’ – seven ways to raise funds with major donors, corporates and trusts, even now.

If we can help you navigate your way through this crisis with fundraising or communications advice and expertise, our team is ready and well initiated in COVID-related campaigns. Or if you’re gearing up for post-Covid communications, we’re here. Chat with John on 0872663168 or email him on 


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